Our Approach

Our GOAL is to empower you

to reach your GOOD GOALS for people and planet, with all our tools, tricks, time, passion and relations.

Inspire & Empower

yourself, your class, staff and audiences with worldclass changemaker spirit, ways to be be part and coaching to make new waves of impact

Only the BEST is good enough

for you at this important time on Earth, to protect what you love and to create the future you want. We offer world class, and coaches with magic!

You experience BEING PART

of positive change – making a relevant impact

Our encounters empower for ACTION

small or BIG like today’s hero*ines do. And with them

We CARE about you

We can coach you – long-term – do projects, arrange visits, volunteer stays …

We HONOR our Hero*ines

and gift back to them. This is a unique experience. You will be surprised at the scope of your powers to do so. View our tips and tricks section.

This is a world-premiere.

We are uniting very different people – kids, newbies, teachers, citizens, world experts, high impact 24/7 changemakers.

Until today, this did not happen for reasons like “no access, no time, no money, no shared purpose”. We make it possible and it has fantastic new potentials that we all love and the world needs. 

We know how you tick, what you aspire, and make it easy-going and uplifting for everyone involved, with win-win benefits for your life, your profession, and with high impact on people and planet.

We need you to know how the rare species of high speed creatives and high impact changemakers ticks. Please take a few minutes. It will open your eyes to something important. Get comfy, and enjoy. Thank you.

Important Reading for your Preparation

This information helps you understand a few important cornerstones for optimal success. They are common sense, but people usually are not aware of them. We need you to be aware, and to realize how they enrich “encounters with speakers” with exciting and much desired and needed meaning and adventure, … not only for the moment but also long-term, for our lives, our profession, and how you and your group, for example a school class, spend your days together. So THEY CHANGE to #bemoreawesome

... for YOU

You care for people and planet, you wish to empower your group (class, staff, audience…) and wish to learn how to successfully address local and global challenges, to fire up your passion, vision, hope, positive worldview, and to learn something practical and to make a real tangible difference for people and planet, nearby or abroad, and preferably with long-term effects, with many benefits for everyone’s aspirations and initiatives, with many options for follow-up activities, and further non-formal interactions.

Hence, we tailor our conversation to your group, which gives you opportunity to address your priorities, passion, context, setting, talent, resources, relations … and all this can evolve spontaneously in the conversation. All it takes is your group’s swift and caring preparation. 

We select only the most wonderful people, with powerful stories, amazing initiatives, teaching you practical skills, and give your great resources to prepare, so your encounter turns into a conversation that serves your deepest interest. and we equip and support for follow-up. No dream is too big.

We make it not one-way and everybody listens, petrified, overwhelmed, tired, shy or simply incompetent about the topic. 

We make it a conversation by your group preparing for the encounter – just like you would prepare before meeting Gandhi, right?

Our experts, coaches, changemakers are all highly qualified people with many stories and competences. They can react, relate and respond to many topics, angles, topics, challenges and questions. They can always tell you about their work and dish out a presentation if needed. but you can get that from videos and PDFs.

Why waste a face to face encounter for things you can get from a video or PDF? Hence, our speakers usually do not prepare a fixed speech. They will freestyle along your questions, group, setting, challenges, what’s going on in their lives and the magic of the moment.

That is a unique experience and it will be as personal as possible. This is how you get so much more respect, attention and content than at ordinary conference presentations with brief Q&As.

At the same time, this makes it so much more pleasant for our Speakers.

Find out why in the toggle below.


For us at YOUTH-LEADER, this truly is the DEAREST MATTER, because we don’t want to lose our Hero and Expert Speakers!

How would we lose them? If they see no relevant effect or feel drained and caged in. 

Put yourself in their shoes and in their HEARTS for a minute:

All our speakers are very busy, skilled, creative and passionate people who know to value lifetime. For many of them “taking time off” is not common, and investing time to edutain people that don’t really care is definitely NOT their choice, no matter whether they get paid or not. 

These very special people’s #1 priority is to do good for people and planet, and they begun to do so a loooong time ago, which means that they have developed many personal bonds and relations to people whose lives and projects depend on them, too. This means, time is precious. And that’s why to-date few grand changemakers and experts have been accessible for meetings with school classes, citizen groups and events. 

But with youth leadership and YL programs – things have changed!

Our speakers see the extraordinary potential to activate lots of caring youth  and adults to evoke swift impacts and also long-term evolving projects … and they understand that THEIR knowhow, spirit and initiatives are SPARKS and AMPLIFIERS for any such actions – be it related to their own initiatives or not. So, they are ready and enthusiastic to meet fired up youth in a shared spirit of action.

BUT – considering how busy they are … if our program is successful and school get involved, they may get weekly bookings. Ask your parents or teacher how well they could respond to weekly bookings and when they fit it into their work day. Or students – how they can get time off from class to speak to schools. We believe you’d have a hard time to find people that are up for this. Hence we treat our speakers like Angel Princes/ses.


Our AIM is that they have fun, zero stress, their days are not slowed down or caged – AND they can just flow with in on-the-go. 

Plus, the group is on fire unlike what we know from ordinary lame duck students and non-hero citizens. And they know what’s cooking and they are willing to rise as changemakers, catch their dreams, heal the broken world, make people and animals happy, really experience a personal upgrade – or they even ALREADY have taken an ACTION in support of the hero*ine’s initiative. Well that’s sure uplifting news to hear for Speakers … and then THEY listen, laugh and hi5… they don’t get drained, they get pumped up. By you! And then, as they see your level of experience, passion and aspirations, they can easily shine back their GOLD to you so you can take on bigger ventures and Boss Battles, the stuff you truly care about and which on one ever asked you, or trusted you to take on. Alright?

We’re talking HERO STUFF in YL, after all! And we’re here to level you up – together! 

If we get this exciting innovation done – all it depends on is SPIRIT! – no matter how small or big … then our badass experts and Hero*ines experience the encounter not as an extra or side thing but actually as an ever more precious, integral part of their CORE MISSION. Isn’t this a magnificent possibility? Today’s Einsteins, Gandhis and Gryffindores seeing their dreams come true through collaboration with ordinary caring kids and citizens – of which they are billions!

That’s what we want with YL – empower the Change Generation. And we need to ake it work for kids, for teachers, for adult allies – and for humanity’s greatest geniuses. All our lives are different but this way – we can align them all. You get it? Yes, you get it. Don’t panic. It’s just about honest spirit. 


Still, knowing how fast-paced the lives of social entrepreneurs are, we give them total liberty and flexibility. We do not block their days for a 1 hour meeting. We give them absolute liberty to move around and engage in the agreed upon time slot from where they are – and this may be with a computer and camera at home, in the office or with a cell phone in the field, on the road, on the train or at a conference. This means, you get a glimpse of real life.

In general, today’s technology will be solid enough to enable a video connection. If the technology or internet plays tricks on us – it’s real life, too, and we have compassion for YOU at your end, as well as SPEAKERS on their end. We both know that EACH of us try our best to prepare and that normally the tech has been TESTED and WORKS. So, no shaming if tech, blizzards, the flu, rescue operations or  …bomb attacks interrupt or impede a meeting. 


You see, this is where your preparation saves your day. Your enjoyment of the whole thing does not depend on the meeting alone. In fact, in terms of time and experience, the encounter is the SHORTEST PHASE. You have already experienced their amazing stories, shared it in class, discussed, reflected on your feelings, ideas, priorities, decided on actions, even taken actions… that’s huge, that’s your Changemaker’s journey … hence a delayed meet-up is only real life happening and a delay, not the world’s end … so now use the delay to get busy on aspects of the project you planned and piled up to do anyway.  

Take it like it’s because the encounter’s Guardian Angel does it on purpose, and listen to the challenge and impulse:

  • you improvise
  • you dig deeper into the topic, or level up your efforts and activities in support of the topic and hero*ine’s initiative
  • you get ready to meet the Speaker soon, and then it shall work and everybody will try even harder and care even more about one another


for fun, learning, respect and collaboration is to prepare well, by studying their selected story, videos, interviews and links. The preparation equips your group with knowledge and lively insights, and it gives them time to think, digest, ponder and dream up ideas and questions they really care about.

This makes our encounter something entirely different from common speeches – it becomes an honest, authentic, inspired, OPEN conversation fueled by your group’s sincere interest in the topic, and learning how you can better take tangible action with considerable impact for people and planet.

Your preparation makes this possible. From their profiles (speaker, #bemoreawesome, Boost! Club) you know

  • the topic
  • the hero*ine’s approach
  • their journey, touching moments, milestones of the past,
  • their character, from videos
  • latest news, from social media
  • their next goals
  • how to help, using the Action Guide

This means that your group members can already think, digest, come up with their own questions, how this is relevant to their own lives

  • – how to do good on this topic, to be part, to help and contribute
  • – how to implement the solution in their own life, school, town, region
  • and to come up with their own burning questions, ideas, plans. This is true intrinsic motivation! 


where your groups has initiative, poses questions as active participant, can spark new ideas for what’s next or ask for and plan your follow-up activities! 

It is a true experience of having agency to make changes, and this in the face of a world class expert, being fully(!) respected by this magnificent person in all one’s being – no matter if your group members are children, teens, parents, citizens, professionals, with grave issues, innocence, naivety, sacred rage or dreams to big for anyone else to understand. This is a rare experience that no one ever has when listening to TED videos or speeches at conferences with 3 minutes of brief Q&A or coffee break chats, or the common “inspirational speakers”.

It is up to you to use it.

Now you understand why “taking action” before our encounter also gives us reason to celebrate, storytelling, your group members will be telling their own stories, challenges faced and failed or overcome, which gives strong talking points that everyone really cares about in our conversation – how can one do even better, and what’s next?

This is the fuel for self-inspired, self-organized follow-up actions, as a group, as a changemaker student club, or as individuals that choose to connect with our network!

You can even go for evoking cascading changes in your community and shape the future of entire regions. We do not demand this of you – but of course that’s our favorite sport.


It creates passionate testimonials, impact, photos, new vision and plans that journalists love – giving your opportunity to spread the spirit, inspire others, make an additional experience of “being newsworthy”, which generates recognition by parents, teachers, citizens, opens up additional opportunity to build community, and to follow up. 

And you’ll make the hero*ine’s day!

Now let’s talk about a hero*ine’s character and life – because they are an even more special species.

And how you can make truly extraordinary contributions that on one to-date did. Seriously. Read in the toggle below. 


Here comes the most important part.

In the case of meeting Young or Adult Changemakers

serve hero*ines

give back

payment is a practical exercise in donation, funding, in support of their initiative

but it is little. Let’s take this exercise further. These people give us all hope for our hearts and our future. Honor this.

TAKE AN ACTION in support of their initiative, or to replicate it in your region. This is truly giving back, respecting, joining, supporting them – and their DREAM for people and planet.

Use their Action Guide with four proposed actions, easy to advanced for bigger impact. follow your group’s passion, pick your favorites, bring in own ideas and creativity.

Use their Boost! Club profile with additional tips for donations, milestones, in-kind support.

But there is more that you can do.

These fine people give all of us hope for the future, and they are so kind and giving to so many. Their dreams are so big, for the whole world and it will take a long time to get there. 

Many of them work around the clock, thinking little about personal dreams. Can we give back to them with a gift from the Heart? These are not things to ponder and plan, these are things that come from the heart, intutitively. Don’t hesitate.

photos emma with girl drawing and with girls paper angel.

And then, thinking further about the hero*ine and their cause – can we, boost, bliss and strengthen them, by providing in-kind what we have?


Can we even gift them dreams?

There is a lot that we can do, as a group, and by activating our parents, our schools, businesses, friendly relations in media… 

Get inspired from these examples (links to tips and tricks for in-kind support from goodies to canoeing tours, holiday lodges)