Meet today's Hero*ines LIVE

Changemakers, global experts, coaches that empower you for practical action


by studying their fascinating story, touching anecdotes + learning how to be part

Be Part

by supporting, joining or even replicating their initiative locally

Follow up

with more action, teaming up for a milestone, a project – even go visit!

Our GOAL is to empower you

to reach your GOOD GOALS for people and planet, with all our tools, tricks, time, passion and relations.

We CARE like crazy for our Young Generation

because they can create a world of awesome for all if they learn humanity’s finest knowhow

We BOND with fired up youth

because we work together for our entire lives!


with high impact initiatives


on global issues

Magic Coaches

that teach practical skills

YL Coaches

for youth leadership & YL


Video Meet-ups

45+ minutes, casual, non-formal conversation

At School

Presentations, project weeks, workshops

At Events

Add youth, solution and action spirit


focus on action, a sense of magic and adventure

Our Encounter


with changemakers’ stories and optional activities

Our Encounter

A vivid conversation inspired by your preparation, questions, ideas


Activities inspired by our meeting

Highly encouraged


We highly encourage you to vividly  document your activities, feelings, ideas and achievements part of your activities from early on. Take photos of key moments, fun stuff, brief testimonials or even informal video clips. $50 camera and phone quality is fine. What matters is story and spirit! And you got those. It’s really simple. Kids do it.

They are great to share in YL media, social and news media and  newsletters.

This enriches the learning experience with fun, skill, practice, reach, presence, impact, self-value, community and thereby facilitates follow-up activities! So exciting!

Dessert is Best


Inspired groups have access to a wide scope of follow-up resources, actions, support and partnerships.

This makes our encounter even more exciting and meaningful – for everyone involved, for education, for people and planet, and of course for our hero*ine speakers and coaches who have but one thing in mind – to empower more people to unfold their powers and evoke tangible action for people and planet.

This takes your learning experience to an entirely different level. It enables self-organization of projects with ever greater impact on people and planet.

Resources & Programs

of YOUTH-LEADER and #BemoreAwesome

Long-term Coaching

for inspired groups and individuals

Project Partnership

with changemakers, making relevant contri-butions that take their initiatives to next levels

Go Visit

as tourist, trainer, partner, volunteer, also for exchanges

… plus, your own ideas. We seek to tell your example to the world and involve your example, initiative and goals in our global network – by telling your story in YL Magazine and connecting with other groups, schools etc 

Speakers & Coaches near you + Places to go

We don’t just do one-time encounters.

As our Speakers are part of the YL Tribe and #bemoreawesome youth action program, they are all available for practical collaboration.

Some can be partners for projects, visit your school for workshops, others have places to visit as tourist, or even to go volunteer.

You know they are all extraordinary people with magic … so check out who is nearby.

If you are part of our Tribe and on fire to do good, there’s good chance you will find common ground, interests, potentials for a common adventure!

That’s the idea. And we look forward to hearing of it